In pursuit of better

Your confidence is like a muscle. Use it, challenge it, and it will grow stronger.

If you want to keep getting better, you'll need a Confidence Muscle® ready to turn any obstacle into an opportunity.

Our mission is to democratise confidence

Confidence empowers action and lets us create new realities.

We believe confidence is like a physical muscle - it can be fuelled and strengthened with use, and it needs challenge to help it grow. We call this the Confidence Muscle®.

Confidence comes from the Latin fidere (to trust) and the Confidence Muscle® helps you to access and activate trust in yourself and others.

What's involved?

Our transformation experiences are made of three parts:

  • Challenge

    Take on physical and mental challenges on your own or in a team.

  • Science

    Develop a relationship with your brain to help you turn challenges into opportunities.

  • Activation

    Learn to experience a Leadership High by putting your Confidence Muscle® into action.



Improve on or surpass (an existing or previous level or achievement)

This is more than team-building
It's confidence-building.
It's you-building.

From mountaintops to workshops to every step in your pursuit of better, we'll be by your side. We'll help you visualise what better looks like for you, coach you to utilise your physical experiences, and show you how to keep your Confidence Muscle® fuelled, strengthened and ready for anything.

Find an experience for you

In partnership with Loughborough University

We believe physical activities fuel your mental abilities. So to deepen our knowledge and broaden our offering, we've joined forces with Loughborough University to co-fund a PhD into the effects of recreational physical challenge on workplace performance.

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  • Fuelling confidence in pursuit of better.

    We are all in the business of getting better. We are always looking at getting better at how we lead ourselves and those around us. The Leadership High (TLH) exists to fuel your confidence on your journey in pursuit of ‘better’.

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