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We work with leaders and teams in pursuit of better

Our passion is people and our mission is to democratise confidence.

At The Leadership High, we work with leaders and teams to build trust by making confidence a habit. Our focus is on creating high-performing environments to build confident leaders and confident teams.

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Our TLH formula of Challenge | Science | Activation helps you to use challenge as performance fuel; to change your relationship with your brain; and to experience leadership highs.

  • Challenge

    Take on physical and mental challenges on your own or in a team.

  • Science

    Develop a unique relationship with your brain to help you turn obstacles into opportunities.

  • Activation

    Learn to experience a leadership high by putting your Confidence Muscle® into action.

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Improve on or surpass (an existing or previous level or achievement)

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This is more than team-building
It's confidence-building.
It's you-building.

From mountaintops to workshops to every step in your pursuit of better, we'll be by your side. We'll help you visualise what better looks like for you, coach you to utilise your mental and physical experiences, and help to keep your Confidence Muscle® fuelled, strengthened and ready for anything.

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In partnership with Loughborough University

We believe physical activities fuel your mental abilities. So to deepen our knowledge and broaden our offering, we've joined forces with Loughborough University to co-fund a PhD into the effects of recreational physical challenge on workplace performance.

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TLH News

  • Leading Performance Psychologist, Tom Bates joins TLH

    TLH are delighted that Tom Bates will be joining The Leadership High (TLH) team as a Performance Partner.

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    TLH Transformation Partner, Sally Storey, shares her thoughts on the value of TLH 1:1 FUEL.

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    TLH loved spending time with one of our amazing clients at their Leadership Summit in Belgium this week.

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TLH Fuel

  • The Confident Economy

    Today, 55 per cent of the world’s population lives in cities. People flood to them in ever-increasing numbers so that by 2050, two-thirds of human beings will live in a metropolis, and it turns out that individual confidence plays a key part in determining who makes such a move.  

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  • The Movement Miracle

    When we think about physical exercise, we have a tendency to relate it to our bodies getting leaner, fitter and building up our muscles.

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  • Leading On Another Level Requires Confidence 

    Sarah MacDonald, Founder of The Leadership High (TLH), recently spent time speaking to TLH Belief Partner, Mel Marshall MBE, to find out what enables her to lead on another level.

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