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The Leadership High

The Leadership High is a unique experience, designed to build a leadership mindset. We believe confidence is the foundation stone of a leadership mindset and we use physical challenge to help unlock and develop the inner confidence that we all possess.

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Why will I push you?

Why will I push you? I will push you because I know you can fly. I have seen it happen in hundreds of people. I have witnessed the transformative power of physical challenge on individual mindset and confidence.
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Strive Challenge

"I believe you can train your mental muscle like you train your physical muscle.
"I believe that through challenge, you can thrive. I would say that Striving takes you from ‘alive’ to ‘thrive.’
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At no other time has human connection and confidence been so vital.
Despite the unpredictability of COVID-19, The Leadership High are well positioned to work with individuals and teams.
Our experiences are delivered via a mixture of virtual and face to face coaching.
Our outdoor activations will follow government guidelines globally.
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Confidence is like a muscle. It is strengthened by use.”

The Leadership High

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