At TLH, we work with leaders and teams to make confidence a habit in their pursuit of better.

TLH Activate® is a programme that helps you access and activate your individual and collective Confidence Muscle®.

To do this, we use TLH Air®, TLH Fuel® and TLH Tools®.

Our TLH formula of Challenge | Science | Activation helps you to use challenge as performance fuel; to develop a relationship with your brain; and to experience leadership highs.

Experiencing leadership highs releases an in pursuit of better mindset, something we believe that all leaders should have.

What's involved?

Our transformation experiences are made of three parts:

  • Challenge

    Take on physical and mental challenges on your own or in a team.

  • Science

    Develop a relationship with your brain to help you turn challenges into opportunities.

  • Activation

    Learn to experience a Leadership High by putting your Confidence Muscle® into action.

This is more than team-building
It's confidence-building.
It's you-building.

We are your Transformation Partners.

TLH transformations are designed around you. We work at any level and dynamic in your organisation. And whether you're an individual, a group or a team, we'll design experiences and programmes that fit your needs and deliver the outcomes you want. Any size, any shape. Virtual, real, indoors or out.

And we'll be by your side the whole way, guiding and coaching you and your team towards better.

Building Better Leaders

What does better mean to you?

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