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Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and ensures we always embrace diversity of thought.

Our TLH Transformation Partners and other TLH team members are here to facilitate, coach and support our clients and teams as they move forward in their pursuit of better.

We are quite unique because our Transformation Partners have all been leading inside teams and organisations during their own careers, so they can quickly understand and relate to the needs of our clients. Our clients tell us this is very beneficial.

Transformation Team

Sarah Macdonald Portrait Photo

    Sarah MacDonald

    Founder and CEO

    Sarah is a business leader who spent 25 years leading change for some of the world’s top brands. She is an expert in building experiences and believes they help us create emotional episodes which shape our attitudes, behaviours and performance.

Sally Storey Portrait photo

    Sally Storey

    Transformation Partner

    Sally has over 20 years’ leadership experience across all aspects of commercial pharmaceuticals and previously five years in FMCG.

  • Simon Ash MBE

    Transformation Partner

    Simon started his career as Bomb Disposal Officer in the British Army. His experience on various operational tours gave Simon a personal insight into leadership in adversity and managing risk where the stakes are highest.

Peter Redhead portrait photo

    Peter Redhead

    Transformational Partner

    Peter’s career has taken him from Northumbria Police to Hong Kong. He is a non-executive board director, a Leadership Coach and is active in a number of charities.

Ian Robertson Portrait photo

    Professor Ian Robertson

    Academic Partner

    Co-director of the Global Brain Health Institute and Emeritus Professor at Trinity College Dublin, professor Ian Robertson is widely recognised as one of the world's leading researchers in neuropsychology.

Mel Marshall MBE Portrait Photo

    Mel Marshall MBE

    Belief Partner

    Mel is the National Centre Lead Coach for British Swimming and coaches Olympic Gold medallist Adam Peaty MBE.

  • Tom Bates

    Performance Partner

    Over the last 15 years Tom Bates has become a leading Performance Psychologist ...

Dr. David Fletcher Portrait photo

    Dr. David Fletcher

    Academic Partner

    Dr David Fletcher PhD CPsychol is the senior advisor on a PhD co-funded with The Leadership High to research the impact of physical challenge on workplace performance.

Core Team

  • Sally McMurray

    Client Experience Director

    Sally has over 20 years experience developing complex and effective communication projects designed to increase employee engagement, motivation and help to change behaviours.

Susie Hudson portrait photo

    Susie Hudson

    Team Assistant

    Susie has worked alongside several C-Suite Executives and brings with her over 20 years’ experience across a variety of sectors

Will Tyne portrait photo

    Will Tyne

    Academic Researcher

    Will is a Post Graduate Researcher at Loughborough University and is supported by The Leadership High.

Kirsty Kothakota portrait photo

    Kirsty Kothakota

    Marketing and Communications

    Kirsty has extensive marketing experience across a range of industries and organisations, from established brands to tech start-ups.

Jaya Puri-Parsons portrait photo

    Jaya Puri-Parsons

    Business Strategy Intern

    Jaya has assisted TLH on several important strategic projects. With a degree in Economics and Politics, Jaya has positioned her career toward the finance industry and has already interned at some of the worlds’ leading financial institutions including Goldman Sachs and EY.

Our multi-disciplined TLH Advisory Team, guide and advise The Leadership High as they continue to strengthen their own 
Confidence Muscle®.

Advisory Team

Clive Rawlings portrait photo

    Clive Rawlings

    Clive is a barrister at the U.K Bar and is presently engaged in the sport industry as Director of 4 Corners Sports Management.

Annabel Saunders portrait photo

    Annabel Saunders

    Annabel has achieved sustained global leadership impact during her career with a track record of outstanding sales and marketing achievements.

Kate Holden Portrait photo

    Kate Holden

    An engaging, influential global leader and board member, Kate has extensive experience in strategy formulation and execution, digital transformation and building world class high performing teams.

Peter Redhead portrait photo

    Peter Redhead

    Peter’s career has taken him from Northumbria Police to Hong Kong. He is a non-executive board director, a Leadership Coach and is active in a number of charities.

  • Peter Newhouse

    Peter Newhouse is a well-known expert on how to reward and recognise people. Peter was Unilever’s Global Head of Reward from 2010 to 2022.

Duncan Adamson Portrait photo

    Duncan Adamson

    Duncan is the Director of the International Snowsport School. He is also a trainer and examiner of ski instructors and has decades of experience in coaching human performance on the slopes.

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