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TLH believe physical activities fuel your mental abilities.

So to deepen our knowledge and broaden our offering, we've joined forces with Loughborough University to co-fund a PhD Study into the effects of recreational physical challenge on workplace performance.

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Meet Will Tyne, TLH Academic Partner and PhD student at Loughborough University

TLH knows the quality and credibility of the University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences. For the fifth year running, Loughborough has been voted the best university in the world for sports-related subjects by the global QS higher education league table.

We've experienced the benefits of mental and physical challenge on our clients time and again, which is why it's a fundamental part of our programme. If this study can prove the science, it'll be ground-breaking work in learning and development, and will enhance and embolden our work for our clients.

Keep up with the study on Will Tyne's blog here.

A large group of The Leadership High at Loughborough University sports facility

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