My Leadership High


  • "The Leadership High is like nothing you have experienced before. My high has been getting perspective in a way that I have never had before”
    Andrea Hartley, Founder and Chair, Skating Panda
  • “I loved the concept of experiential learning blending the physical experiences with the mental. So often leadership courses are just classroom-based, so this was great to take a more holistic approach. This is very different and powerful”
    Andrew Shepherd, Director, Palo Alto Networks
  • "I just wanted to thank you for The Leadership High. It was enriching, unforgettable and worth every moment. Thank you."
    Dora Kondeva, Director, Palo Alto Networks
  • "I learnt a lot about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, not to mention how I can dare to lead without giving up my sparkle! Indeed I learned the opposite - that I can use that joy and playfulness to my advantage and to lead well. A priceless lesson. :)"
    Millie Baring, Founder & Director, Lambay Island
  • "The Confidence Muscle™ is the key for me. What do we do to fuel it and strengthen it. Just knowing where it sits for me and saying I’ve got this is going to be really helpful."
    Tracey Taylor, Manager, RBS
  • "I recognise you can actually train your Confidence Muscle™ through experiences."
    Victor Jiang, Snr Marketing Manager, Palo Alto Networks
  • "What a brilliant experience. I thoroughly enjoyed this and was perfect for me at this time of career transition. It surpassed all my expectations, and I would recommend this to any woman facing a work or personal challenge."
    Saskia Fontein, Director, Pharmaceuticals
  • “I was able to put my confidence muscle into practice by pushing myself and take on new challenges with the support of great coaches and tools along the way to guide me – it’s helped me to understand that as a leader, it's not all about being top of the pack, it's about listening and working as a team and lifting others up to help us do what we do best”
    Ruth Clougherty, Managing Director, Gin and Yin Retreats
  • “I cannot really explain in words what the The Leadership High meant to me. The quality of the attendees, coaches, and instructors was second to none. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but it far surpassed any expectations. I was reflecting on how I would describe it – it wasn’t a course but more like a really special experience that I guess you had to be there to understand. I wish I could bottle the high, it has certainly made me think very differently”
    Kate Well, Managing Director, Azur Underwriting Ltd


Being a leader doesn’t require a title; having a title doesn’t make you one"


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