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When activated by physical exertion, parts of the brain become larger, more complex and better for handling future challenges.

Our TLH ™ Partners are integral to developing and delivering our unique content, working with our clients to harness their physical and psychological power.



Marmalade are a passionate and expert team of mountain bike coaches and are approved TLH Physical Activation Partners.

Through passion, dedication and experience, Marmalade MTB will support you at every step covering all levels of experience. Marmalade are an experienced and qualified team of professional mountain bike leaders and coaches. They form part of the TLH coaching team and support you on your own quest to strengthen your confidence muscle and #daretolead in your own life.



“If a high can be truly bottled, then we must, as an individual or collective, understand and relate the experience to something tangible that can be repeated and adjusted depending on the challenge ahead. Whether it’s a ski run, conference room or one of life’s wonderful, “wee” challenges”.  Duncan Adamson, Director, ISS

We believe the very essence of leadership and decision-making is at the core of every skier, no matter their level. Understanding and using these processes empowers the learner to lead their own path on the mountain, to make their own choices and conquer the challenges ahead.

As instructors and coaches, we move towards understanding psychological and neurological responses to better understand how we guide a developing skier. A change of emotion and understanding by the skier at any moment gives them highs and lows. The emotional lows can never be ignored; they are an essential prerequisite for experiencing the highs. Although we present skiing content to overcome and embrace challenge on the slopes; there is a clear application of this experience to everyday leadership in life.

We use skiing to represent examples of the challenges we face; the ultimate goal being to define a process everyone can follow to lead us through life’s challenges.

Confidence is like a muscle. It is strengthened by use.”


Find out how you can activate your
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