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Discovering The Confidence Muscle™

Sarah's Story

I have been in business leadership positions for over 20 years. Sport and physical activity has always been a big part of my life especially as I studied and worked within the industry for so many years.

I’ve been challenged by skiing for as long as I can remember. Pointing my ski’s downhill would make me physically shake. One glorious morning in 2018, I followed my instructor downhill and for the first time ever, everything just came together. The fear left me; I felt like I was flying. That perfect moment of total self-belief was so intense, so utterly overwhelming. I wanted to bottle it, sprinkle it in all areas of my life and share it with the world.

I realised that every difficult turn and experience leading to this performance high had counted. You can’t go high if you haven’t experienced the lows. From that moment, I knew this was something I needed to explore and share. The Leadership High was born.

I have always believed experiences create emotional episodes which help shape our attitudes, behaviours and performance. Experiences are multidimensional and if understood and put to work, they can transform us.

Lara's Story

I grew up in the mountains. I have climbed up them, cycled up them, skied down them and jumped off them. I embrace them physically and psychologically in my life. Tackling their peaks & crevasses has put me through euphoria & fear; joy and pain. All of these experiences have fuelled my mindset and behaviour when I am faced with ‘mountains’ in work and personal life.

I have also witnessed the powerful transformation that physical challenge has on confidence and self-esteem in my fitness clients. I have held people in my arms as they have wept with joy at what they have achieved and doubted that they ever would.

Sarah MacDonald and Lara Milward met when they were 16 years old. With a desire to follow their passion for developing others, they came together to create The Leadership High to ensure everyone has the opportunity to harness the link between their physiological and psychological power. We invite you to become part of The Leadership High so you can become part of the story.

The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller"


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